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Our Story

At SCI Networks Inc. we have a collective 42+ years of telecommunications and engineering experience designing mission-critical networks and systems for utility, energy, and service-provider environments. Our innovative approach and engineering expertise in designing mission-critical networks is known throughout the power-system industry. Our clients include Electric Utility, Oil & Gas, Pipeline, and Government agencies across North America.

Clinton D. Struth, M.Sc. P.Eng.

Clinton D. Struth, M.Sc. P.Eng.


Clinton is currently Principal Engineer, SCI Networks Inc. has over 20 years of telecommunications engineering experience.  Prior to 2014 and starting SCI Networks, Clinton was employed by AltaLink Management Ltd. (Calgary, CANADA) as Principal Engineer – Netcom. There he lead the Telecommunications Engineering group and implemented the one of the first fully-converged IP/MPLS networks in a utility environment capable of transporting teleprotection (TPR) services. Clinton holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.EE) in Electrical Engineering (Power Systems) and Master of Science (M.Sc.EE) in Telecommunications Engineering, both from University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Canada).  Clinton is a registered professional engineer (P.Eng.) in both Alberta and British Columbia.


Cory D. Struth, B.Sc.(Chem), B.Sc.(Comp Sci)

Cory D. Struth, B.Sc.(Chem), B.Sc.(Comp Sci)


Cory is currently Principal Network Architect, SCI Networks Inc. and has over 22 years of industry experience planning, designing, and building data networks for the carrier, oil & gas, and utility industries. Prior to 2014 and starting SCI Networks, Cory was employed by AltaLink (Calgary, CANADA) as IP/MPLS Network Architect and Cyber-Security Lead – Netcom, where he developed and implemented the IP/MPLS network and service architecture for AltaLink’s high-voltage transmission system. Prior to AltaLink, Cory worked in the oil & gas and carrier / service-provider industries implementing next-generation networks, Unix, and cyber-security programs. Cory holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Chemistry from Brandon University (Brandon, Canada) and a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Computer Science from the University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Canada)

Memberships and Affiliations

  • APEGA Alberta (P.Eng & Permit to Practice)
  • IEEE CANADA (Member)


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  • UTC 2011 Apex Award Recipient ‘Improving Transmission Grid Reliability’ for engineering AltaLink’s IP/MPLS deployment program.
  • 2012 AltaLink President’s Award of Excellence – Deploying IP/MPLS for a Transmission Utility